Visual Aquity Series

Much of my work has dealt with the capacity of sight. Both the science of vision and the metaphorical  analogies of terms such as distortion, clarity and blurring are relatable to human capabilities and functions. I enjoy the layering of meaning as well as the material. The common eye chart appears in both small and large-scale works often annoyingly out of focus, questioning what is clear and what isn’t or what might be hidden within the letters.

This is a Test

Ennist collaborated with Kip Spidell to develop this 2 metre high eye chart. It was created to scale of a standard eye chart that was digitally printed and embroidered. The text printed on the under layer is a diatribe questioning the validity of standards and norms – like this eye chart for instance. What is normal, what is in focus? What should be in focus? The front layer has the same out of focus eye chart printed on it but also has a machine embroidered line, which represents the 20/20 line – the line of normal visual acuity, which is densely depicted in various pattern stitches.